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I seem to be behind with this thing a day thing again – or at least with the writing of the blog entries about it!  I'm doing pretty well with the actual doing of the things as it seems.  Apart from getting into a blind panic yesterday when I was going through going "on Wednesday I did this and yesterday I did that but what did I do on thursday?!" and panicking until I realised that the day before was Thursday.

So the three things I have to blog about are two more squares for my was going to be a blanket but I'm now thinking some kind of huge cushion is more likely with the amount of yarn I have and also more useful as I already have a knitted blanket, another on my needles (although that's been on there so long that it may get frogged and restarted for a fourth time!  I'm thinking it wants to me a more interesting sort of blanket than it is at the moment.  Two years I've been picking it up, putting it down, frogging it and starting again) and three not knitted blankets.  Being that I am just one cripple who lives alone, that's a few two many blankets really.

The third thing is the one i did on Wednesday – another poem.  It's a very quick one as I was thinking I was heading out the door very soon (although that actually got cancelled) and I'm not going to post it online.  Not because of the quickness of it, I've always posted stuff whether it was quickly done and unedited or I've slaved over it when I've felt it was done and I'm not going to do much more with it but… Wednesday was a bit of a good but in ways bad day and that poem has turned into a bit of a coping thing and expresses my feelings.  Partially about someone who upset me and although I don't mention them by name or any of the details about what happened it's not something I'd want to share online.  I've been there, done that too many times with the drama of posting something I think is innoculous online and then had it come back to bite me.  So I'm not taking that risk.

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