>it’s hip to be square


Saturday, Sunday and Monday saw more squares being made.  Knitted squares, these are.  Stockinette, 16 rows, 11 stitches per row.  In fact I made nine I think over the three days.  I have seventeen or maybe it’s eighteen done now.  They look great and it’s really nice to see the pile of them growing.  The colours all go well together too which is great because I’d thought they probably would but had been a little concerned that maybe they wouldn’t after all.  They’re really quick to do as well, usually whilst watching TV!

If I can I’d like to have at least 28 done by the end of the month.  But we shall see.  I do think that these squares are the reason why I’ve been able to keep going so long this time round with thing a day as I’ve not had to think too hard for inspiration and ideas for things to do.  My original plan had been to do different stitch patterns for the squares but this yarn I’m using is self stripping and now I’m working with it, I really think it needs a very plan stitch to work.  Anything more fancy would stretch my skills as a knitter and teach me new things as I had wanted to do this month but those fancy and decorative stitches would just get lost in the yarn I think.  So something which shows off the yarn works better.

Today I attempted to make a purple beaded bracelet.  It looked great.  And then I cut the elastic, tied it off and went to trim the ends of the knot.  And cut through the knot – beads everywhere and my lovely purple beaded bracelet was no more.  Hopefully I can find most of the beads and put it back together later.  If not it’ll just have to be another square!  What a shame…

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