I've been mostly knitting squares this week, although I did make a bit of a bookmark from some spare yarn (not a knitted one, just knotted together) on Wednesday.  I've made it a bit too wide to go into a book I think though.  Or, well, not wide but chunky might be the better word.

Yesterday I had a terrible migraine with visual disturbance and throwing up and oh my god my head is going to explode pain.  Fun times.  Thankfully I get those incredibly rarely.  I think actually it's the worst I've had, I certainly don't remember having blurred vision with one before.  

I had thought it would mean that thing a day would have to go out the window.  But at one point to distract myself I was thinking of all the different words that as a writer I could use to describe having a migraine (because as a writer one should use ones experiences to grow and learn and hone one's craft.  or some such rubbish).  And then a bit later on I had an hour or so when I was up.  Mainly to get a drink and get actually changed for bed not just collapsed in my clothes and what have you.  And I managed to quickly turn those words into a sort of poem.

"Sort of" poems being the only sort that I ever usually write, after all.

Pressure Pulsating Persistantly
Agony Always Agony
Intense Insipid Invasion
Nausea Needs Negation

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