>I’ve lost quarter of a lb this week.  Which is basically  nothing  but still better than actually nothing.

I’m watching supersize vs superskinny at the moment.  It’s just started so no real comments about it yet.  But it got me wondering what my BMI is. So I just checked it.  And as I’m sure is no real surprise I’m morbidly obese, which I knew. But I did what it is with my current weight and then what it was with my starting weight.  It’s dropped by 1 just in losing 6lb.  Which is definitely a very positive thing and I’m happy with.  The other bonus of that is that it gives me a rough goal for how much more weight I need to lose before I’m “just” obese.  About 2 stone I reckon.

I got a swim in today for the first time in weeks – yay!

Going back to supersize vs superskinny, I like the show but the bits with Anna Richardson really annoy me.

>Monday Music – The One and Only


This is The One and Only by Chesney Hawkes.  It’s cheesy as but it’s also my all time favourite song. If ever we go out and I ask for a request or someone asks for one for me, this is what gets chosen.

On Saturday I was talking to someone about being disabled.  She commented that there aren’t many people like me and made an offhand comment about how I should write an article  for a local ish newsletter thing about it. I think it was my specific comment that I would turn down a cure which made her say that.

I think it was probably intended as a compliment and it mostly was.  But it was also one of those things where you just know that more than likely this is a person who doesn’t have much experience of disability as a positive thing – crip culture if you will – and it’s the whole “inspirational” thing.   I could be very wrong here but it’s my assumption.

Which means it is a compliment and I do take it as such.  However it’s also not because I’m not doing anything special. Being disabled, having CP, using the chair, whichever term you want to use to describe my situation – they are my normal.  I have never known and will never know any different.  I’m not being amazing and inspirational because I have CP and I’m living, I’m just living my life the only way I know how and the only way I will ever be able to.

If someone wants to tell me that there aren’t many people like me and mean my disability and my attitude to it then they are trying to pay me  a compliment.  I’ll take that compliment but truly it’s one I’d rather not receive. If they want to say the same things about me because I’m a blogger or a writer or a sailor or a knitter or because I’m a CAB adviser, rota person and member of the social policy team and also do resident involvement for my housing then FINE. That’s the sort of compliment I would love to receive. Because it’s about me and who I actually am, not what I am.

But my main thought when she said there aren’t many people like me? “I should bloody well hope not!!” I like who I am, I’m proud of it. And I like being unique – The One and Only.

>Six Things For A Sunday

>I’m currently involved in two different resident involvement projects for my housing.  They seem like they are going to be good fun but possibly bad for my diet. At the workshop yesterday they got us a chip shop lunch (sausage and chips, twas yummy) and I hear that we’re having pizza at the next one.  Plus I get supermarket vouchers for them so I have some mad money to spend. I bought a cheap DVD with some of it (and used the rest of the vouchers to do my food shopping, I’ll spend the worth on something else though) but I’m not sure what I’ll spend the rest on yet.  I call it mad money because it’s unexpected and so it’s to be used for fun things and only fun things I have decided.

Overwhelmed with books. Seriously overwhelmed.  Particularly library books.  They charge for reservations (which I don’t agree with so I was refusing to reserve stuff and not always finding stuff I wanted as a result) but I found out that they don’t charge disabled people for them. So I reserved a shedload and I’ve been going back and forward a lot collecting them.  Thankfully the library is opposite CAB so it’s relatively easy.  Currently I have 13 library books and 2 dvds out. and I’ve taken 4 books and 2 dvds back, I think.

Legs are very tight at the moment which I don’t really understand because I AM taking my baclofen. Possibly because I haven’t been moving around very much lately.

Sailing starts again soon which I’m looking forward to.  We had a pre season supper (more commonly referred to as the “coming out” supper which makes me giggle even though it probably shouldn’t) on Friday which was fun.  Bizarrely I saw one of my buddies (probably the one I’m closest too) for the first time in absolute months there then bumped into her and her son the next day outside the supermarket.

I have signed up to take part in Script Frenzy starting in April.  Partially because I suck at doing the whole “show don’t tell” thing that makes good writing and aren’t great with dialogue.  And writing a script would force me to do both of those things.  But also because I want to start working on the goal on my 101 in 1001 list that’s about writing 1000 words a day (non blog) for three months and figured a challenge like this would be good motivation to get started. Plus, that means the three months includes June so I should also do SoCNoC (NaNo in June thing) which is also on my 101 in 1001 list meaning two birds with one stone, so to speak.

Come Dine With Me tonight was a bit crap which is disappointing.  It does seem to be going down hill. But there was a woman with an artificial arm. I wasn’t a particular fan of any of them on there tonight. However I did like the way she said that she told the camera crew that she didn’t tell people that she’d been born without it but that “Daddy had cut it off.” yay crip humour. Bad crip humour in my opinion but crip humour is a definite yay. Plus she was filmed not wearing her artificial arm whilst cooking for her night and when talking to the others at dinner she alluded to how that had made her feel, having loads of people in and out whilst she didn’t have it on.  Possibly not the most disability positive person or show but she impressed me and the way it wasn’t made a big deal of or used to define her was good I thought.

>Thursday Thirteen – To Do List Version

>Thirteen Things I’d Like or Need To Do Today

  1. Get my hair cut
  2. Go to the supermarket
  3. Finish reading Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency by Douglas Adams (half read about 120 pages left)
  4. Finish reading Sexing The Cherry by Jeanette Winterson (60 pages left)
  5. Get lunch from my favourite coffee shop to bring home
  6. A couple of loads of washing
  7. Fix the mistake in my knitting and do a chunk more
  8. Watch Australia on DVD so I can take it back tomorrow
  9. Make Spanish chicken for tea probably with pasta
  10. Look for my proof of DLA
  11. Part of an ongoing project I can’t blog about (definitely a need NOT want)
  12. Use my Wii to get some exercise
  13. Watch Masterchef, Country House Rescue and Cutting Edge this evening.


>Down another 1 1/2lb this week for a total of 6lb since 22nd February.

I really thought I would have gained a little or perhaps just maintained this week so I’m very pleased to have lost that much.  Also I just measured my waist and it’s shrinking too.  In fact I looked at the tape measure and immediately went “What?! That can’t be right.” I will get my mum to help me check it next week for an official ruling but I’m pleased although shocked by it.

But let’s just say that big ruler time isn’t very far away if I’m right.

>Monday Music – God Thinks

>I thought I’d try and make this Monday Music thing a weekly occurrence.

This is God Thinks by Voltaire which I absolutely love.   I was going to write about why I love it and my problems with religion but actually I’m tired and I think the song gets the message across quite well.

As before, the lyrics are in the video

The Ice Cream Girls Review

>I wrote a few weeks ago about a lucky week I had.

One of the things that was lucky was that Waterstones had given me a free copy of The Ice Cream Girls by Dorothy Koomson to review for their website (and keep!).  I’ve now read it and really enjoyed it.  My review is up on the website now.  I can’t figure out how to link to that specific review but my profile page has it too as it shows all the reviews a person has done and so far I’ve only done that one.

I’d like to post the text here too but I’m not sure if that’s OK.  Maybe I’ll e-mail and check.  If it is I’ll edit this entry and include it.
My review:

I really enjoyed this book. I expected to because I’ve enjoyed Ms Koomson’s previous books but this one was a bit different to the rest as it had the whodunit element to it without making it too much of a crime novel. So I actually enjoyed it more because it surprised me.
It kept me guessing right to the end – I guessed one of the minor twists early on but had absolutely no idea who did it until about ten pages before it was revealed. And once the book ended it left me with a good feeling but also with questions about what happens next which I quite like in a book because it lets me make my own mind up.. I suspect there won’t be a sequel but there is possibly room for one.
Very impressed with this book

>You know you’ve got CP when…

>You see a tweet from a friend of yours saying they got new wheels and immediately think “ooh new wheelchair” and then realise, that actually they’re able bodied

You go to the bank and the cashier remembers you and goes “did you change your hair?” Because on a previous visit over a year ago another customer was very rude and ableist to you and you sat there and cried.

You hear that your sister is being tested for Coeliac Disease and ponder whether if she has it the correct wording would be “She is Coeliac” or “She has Coeliac Disease.”

>Thursday Thirteen – Thirteen Books I Waiting For Me To Read Them



  1.  When Will There Be Good News? – Kate Atkinson
  2. The Best of Times – Penny Vincenzi
  3. Contact – Carl Sagen
  4. Vernon God Little – DBC Pierre
  5. This Charming Man – Marian Keyes
  6. War and Peace – Leo Tolstoy
  7. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Philip K Dick
  8. Madame Bovary – Gustave Flaubert
  9. Closing Time – Joseph Heller
  10. White Teeth – Zadie Smith
  11. Birdsong – Sebastian Faulks
  12. Light on Snow – Anita Shreve
  13. Remember Me? – Sophie Kinsella

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>Grumpy Gripping Girl

>Things that have annoyed me today:

  • Being messed around
  • Cold Callers
  • Bad English.
  • Lack of Professionalism
  • People not taking access into account
  • being told to be flexible.
  • A nose bleed
  • Burning my finger
  • Bad justification
  • Arrangements being made about me without my being consulted
Good Things about today:
  • No Chocolate
  • I sat outside reading
  • Getting a free book to review from WHSmith.co.uk via Twitter.  No idea what, just hope it’s not the same as the one I got from Waterstones!