>Lucky Emma

>Last week I got an e-mail about a survey thing where if you went and gave an hour of your time looking at some proposed new internet thing you’d get £40.  And they specifically wanted disabled people.  A friend forwarded it to me.  So, obviously I went “pick me! pick me!” and unfortunately they had too many people.  A bit disappointing but such is life.

But then yesterday I got an e-mail from the company saying they had a survey I could do from home and they’d give me £15 for it.  So I did and I got the cheque this morning, thank you very much.  Gonna spend that on something fun but I don’t know what.

I’ve also got a free copy of the new Dorothy Koomson book on the way to me from Waterstones.  I follow them on twitter and they tweeted Tuesday saying “send us a DM if you like Dorothy Koomson books” so I did.  And they replied offering to let me review it for the site and after my address to send me a copy.  YAY!  I’m actually reading one of her older ones, The Chocolate Run at the moment.  It’s the only one other than this new one (which is called The Ice Cream Girls and looks GREAT) I’ve not read and it’s good.  They are hosting a webchat with her next Tuesday (9th March) between 1pm and 3pm and they asked me to tweet the details which I did but I will just post those here too.  The chat link is this one.

I have one other freebie to share and a low battery on my netbook so quickly-

last Friday I spent a couple of hours at my housing asssociation.  They wanted some residents opinions on which of two companies they should work with.  It was really really interesting and I enjoyed it.  I found it interesting how the companies were so different and also how most of us in the room (all I think actually) had the same opinion of the companies and which should be used.  That was the first of my freebies and I got a  £10 sainsburys voucher.  Which I immediately spent on a new wii game as freebies much go on fun things not planned things.

I don’t think I’ve ever had such a lucky week!

And to top it all off my mum bought my train ticket earlier AND I fitted into the next size down in trousers.

I’m a lucky girl it seems

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