>101 in 1001 – Item 4…


Complete Thing A Day one year

…has been completed!

OK so thing a day is a February thing and I’m a week or so late posting this.  But I was debating taking some photos of the various things I’ve been knitting and sharing them here.  I’ve decided however that the only thing I’d like to share is the blanket squares I’ve been doing and that probably will be a thing that works better when the blanket is finished.  No idea when that will be because I’ve not even touched them this week.

I did do a tiny tiny bit of knitting with some of my mum’s needles and yarn whilst we were watching a DVD there yesterday (The Island which was a good sci-fi type film and reminded me of Brave New World in places) but I ripped that back.  Other than that and about 100 words of fiction I don’t  think I’ve done any really creative things this week.

I do enjoy Thing a Day a lot.  And as I think I said a few weeks ago I think it is the blanket project which made it doable this year as opposed to my two previous failed attempts.  But as with NaNoWriMo last year, I did find with this that by last weekend I was done with this and just kept going because I wanted to be able to say I’d done it.  Possibly having more than one on going Thing project might have worked better that way.  I reached the “done” stage a lot later with Thing a Day than with NaNo in 2009.  I think that’s probably for two reasons 1) I’d put a lot of planning into NaNo and it was an idea I was very invested in.  I like some of what I wrote but not all and I know loads of key moments are missing but I just couldn’t write them.  I found that a bit stressful (I intend to start looking again at it this week which will be the first time I’ve ever really gone back to a NaNo work) and 2) I ended up shelving a lot of my creative plans for the last three days of Thing a Day because I was ill and that meant that some of the things I’d really wanted to do in it didn’t get done.  A lesson in not leaving things to the last minute!

To sum things up.  I really enjoyed it and I’m glad I completed it but I did find the momentum a bit hard to maintain over the month.  This is somewhere where I think having it set as a 101 in 100 goal is a good thing.  I’m looking forward to another attempt in 2011 BUT I don’t think I’ll be one of those people do it for a whole year.

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