>Monday Music – Proud

>On my old blog I used to occasionally post songs and such like and those posts were categorised as “Songs of My Life”  I was thinking yesterday about starting something like that again.  And then I thought “Monday Music.”

This is Heather Small – Proud (I won’t post the lyrics as they basically are all of the video which I hope makes it accessible).  I really love this song.  And I especially love the idea of finding one thing each day to be proud of.  It’s something else that I’ve been thinking about bringing back to my blogging.  I used to find it hard at times to find something to be proud of each day but it also worked well for my depression and really helped keep things in perspective.

Today’s proud thing for me is doing gateway!  Gateway is a new thing we are doing at CAB with clients and I hadn’t done it before (we only started at the beginning of the month).  And talk about being thrown in the deep end, I did it with five different clients this afternoon.  I really enjoyed it which surprised me a bit.  But I was totally trashed afterwards!  Feeling a lot better now though, just overloaded my brain I think.

Something else proud that I must mention is how proud I am of my sister who ran a half marathon yesterday and despite crazy winds and having been ill for a lot of the last few months managed to better her time by about 4 minutes!  Proud of you honey!

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