The Ice Cream Girls Review

>I wrote a few weeks ago about a lucky week I had.

One of the things that was lucky was that Waterstones had given me a free copy of The Ice Cream Girls by Dorothy Koomson to review for their website (and keep!).  I’ve now read it and really enjoyed it.  My review is up on the website now.  I can’t figure out how to link to that specific review but my profile page has it too as it shows all the reviews a person has done and so far I’ve only done that one.

I’d like to post the text here too but I’m not sure if that’s OK.  Maybe I’ll e-mail and check.  If it is I’ll edit this entry and include it.
My review:

I really enjoyed this book. I expected to because I’ve enjoyed Ms Koomson’s previous books but this one was a bit different to the rest as it had the whodunit element to it without making it too much of a crime novel. So I actually enjoyed it more because it surprised me.
It kept me guessing right to the end – I guessed one of the minor twists early on but had absolutely no idea who did it until about ten pages before it was revealed. And once the book ended it left me with a good feeling but also with questions about what happens next which I quite like in a book because it lets me make my own mind up.. I suspect there won’t be a sequel but there is possibly room for one.
Very impressed with this book

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