>I’ve lost quarter of a lb this week.  Which is basically  nothing  but still better than actually nothing.

I’m watching supersize vs superskinny at the moment.  It’s just started so no real comments about it yet.  But it got me wondering what my BMI is. So I just checked it.  And as I’m sure is no real surprise I’m morbidly obese, which I knew. But I did what it is with my current weight and then what it was with my starting weight.  It’s dropped by 1 just in losing 6lb.  Which is definitely a very positive thing and I’m happy with.  The other bonus of that is that it gives me a rough goal for how much more weight I need to lose before I’m “just” obese.  About 2 stone I reckon.

I got a swim in today for the first time in weeks – yay!

Going back to supersize vs superskinny, I like the show but the bits with Anna Richardson really annoy me.

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