>Veteran – Gavin Smith

>I recently received a review copy of Veteran by Gavin Smith from WHSmith.co.uk.  I found that very exciting because it doesn’t actually come out until June and so my copy has “uncorrected manuscript proof” and other things all over it that they usually don’t  Plus, it’s very cool to know that I’ve just spent a good chunk of the afternoon lying on my bed listening to the dyer going, napping a bit and finishing reading a book which isn’t even out for the general public yet.  Also, Gavin Smith is a brand new author which is also exciting.

Anyway, they said I could share my review so long as I linked to them (see above).  This is what I wrote:

I really enjoyed this book.  Very well written and with a good plot, it kept me guessing for a long time.  There was a big twist right when I didn’t expect it and a totally unexpected ending.  Combine that with laughs, intriguing ideas and action right up to the very last page and you have a very good read.  There’s is definitely room for a sequel here although with the way the book ends the form it might take is hard to judge.  Either way I’ll be keeping an eye out for more by Gavin Smith.

I gave it a rating of 4 stars as well.

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