>Bits of news

>A few quick bits of news.

  • A project I’ve been taking part in for the past several weeks and not really enjoying as much as I hoped ended (for me at least) today. I’d thought about dropping out so the fact I finished it is great.
  • I am on page 31 of Script Frenzy but I need to put the last few pages in celtx so they are properly formatted.  It’s slowly moving away from a script to more of a NaNo novel (but without the word count) so hopefully going back to actually writing in celtx will help that.
  • I woke up this morning completely full of cold which is lovely(!)
  • Did a big chunk of square knitting for the first time since I think February this evening. Yay! Much
    faster than the Fair Isle project I’m working on although that looks great.
  • My oven broke on Monday.  Hopefully getting fixed on Wednesday.  It’s interesting not having an oven…
  • It was sunny today!

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