>See Also: Last Words, Famous

>My oven broke last week.  It’s finally getting looked at on Wednesday.  So I wangled an invite to my parents for tea both nights this weekend.  As I am full of cold I was offered a plate brought down to me but I said I would go there.

My mum greeted me with “I’d kiss you but I don’t want to catch that.” I spent ages teasing her “you mean you’d kiss me but you don’t love me enough” Then she commented about how I “really had a cold” And I was just sitting there going “what did you think was wrong with me when I said “I’m full of cold”? anyway apparently she didn’t know but not that!

Honest to god I pretty much half filled a carrier bag with used tissues when I was there.  And I sound and feel lousy too.

Funny moment though – at one point I sneezed somewhat explosively and then blew my nose.  Milo, my parents dog is a bit neurotic.  At that point he got scared, got up, ran outside and spent the next five minutes barking his head off as though he was trying to protect us from the evil sneeze.  I absolutely lost it laughing at that point.  It was really funny but not as funny as you’d think considering how much I laughed.  I am actually tempted now writing this to retitle this entry “Milo and The Evil Sneeze”

Then I woke up this morning feeling a lot better.  And told my mum  so on the phone.  Adding in that I’d be going to Sainsburys so not to worry about getting me any shopping.  Then I got dressed and my cold laughed in my face going “sainsburys? You’ll be lucky! I’m not finished with you yet….”

So the remark “I’m feeling loads better” can now be found under “reasons to be grateful there was a tesco.com slot for tomorrow night”,  and “who will be sitting by herself at her parents BBQ later with a loo roll by her side?” See also: Last Words, Famous.

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