>Mostly Good

>I’m up roughly 2lb it seems (just weighed a few minutes ago).

Which I’m fine with seeing it’s the first time I’ve weighed since Easter, I’ve not had a working oven for 10 days and I’ve been ill for almost a week.  The last two combine together to mean Emma eating a lot of takeaway.  And yes it probably does read as though I’m justifying but it’s true.

My goal for this week is to try to do small bits of exercise most days and to go the whole week with no chocolate or chocolate containing products at all.

And as for the exercise goal – I went not sailing last night (didn’t actually sail) and managed all the wheeling around really easily which I was pleased about. Due to my general lack of fitness lately, my cold and the fact that I’ve not been in my manual chair as much as I would like to I’d been a bit worried about that.

Oh the other thing which I just remembered is that when I went to the nurse last week she measured my arm and it was the same as the last time but she commented it looked more toned.  She also tried to measure  my waist but I was sitting incredibly badly in my chair and she couldn’t do it.  She said I look like I lost weight though.

So it’s mostly good, once again.

 Here’s hoping it continues.

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