>I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it.

>I was really excited this morning because I could finally change my 5lb lost button over on the side bar to a “half stone lost” one.  Only there isn’t one!!  Never mind, I’ll be switching it for the 10lb one soon enough I’m sure.

So anyway I’ve not updated for the HYC for a few weeks.  I’ve been yo yo ing a bit since Easter.  Went up a little then last week was back down to 5lb lost which I was very happy about.

I then decided that May was going to be a month where I tried very hard with my weight loss.  I did pretty well last week before it was May in that I went to an event where they got us an individual takeaway Pizza each and I could have brought my leftovers home.  But I left them there because “it’s not a waste if it’s not on my waist”  Cheesy I know but it helped.

Then on Thursday I had no chocolate apart from two small chocolate chip cookies.  I’d had in mind to stop on my way home from drinks with the creative writers and pick up some chocolate but I didn’t.

Saturday was the 1st of May and today is the 4th day that I’ve not had any chocolate, coke or pizza.  I’ve also been trying to do small bits of exercise as well (very small!).  I realise that cutting food groups out completely isn’t great but I really struggle with chocolate and coke and it could be said that I am addicted to them.  I find it hard having it some days and not others so I’m trying to have a break of a few weeks to hopefully break the cycle and then I can start having them, maybe, in a more “normal” manner.  Or at least I hope so.

But I’m not going to beat myself up if I slip a bit.  A continued trend in the right direction is what I’m aiming for, not 100% perfect achievement.  Because I’m not perfect and I don’t know anyone who is!

Anyway, now for the big news: I lost 3lb since last Monday AND I’ve now lost 8lb since 22nd February!  WooooHooooooo!!!

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