>Shivering in antici………………………………….PATION!

>I’m going to see Rocky Horror tonight!

Will try to find my camera to take some pictures as I’m sort of dressing up for it but yay I’m very excited.  This is the 3rd time I’ve been to see it which should give you some idea of how much I love that show.  I think everyone I’m going with has seen the show before too so that should make it even better.  Christopher Biggins is the narrator I think.  Hopefully he’ll actually be in it because last time it should have been Michael Aspel but we ended up with the understudy and we booed him every time he came on.

I’ve been to see loads of shows lately and not blogged about them, will try to do a show related catch up on Sunday most likely.

But really if I’m completely honest the main point of this post is being able to use this blog title.  Because it makes me happy.

I had better go blast out the soundtrack (downloaded from iTunes this morning specially) and jump in the shower.

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