>One Stone Goal – Done!


Down another 2 and a half pounds today.  Total weight loss is now 1 stone and half a pound!  I’m so pleased.  I’m now 17st 12 & 7/8lb.  I did see 19st 1 at one point at the beginning of the year but my official starting weight was 18st 13&1/2 lb – I didn’t have my scales for several weeks in between the two.  My mum commented today that I am so far from 20 stone now.  Apparently at the beginning of the year she was really worried that if I kept going the way I was I’d be ending this year weighing over 20st.

And because I am feeling mathematically inclined today.  My BMI has dropped 2.6 numbers which if I’ve worked it out right means when I lose a little more than another stone I’ll be saying goodbye the the morbidly obese category and just be “obese” which will be huge progress even if it doesn’t sound like it..  And I’ve lost a little over 5% of my starting weight.

I don’t have a set weight goal at the moment as such but I do have an idea of what I’d like to be between (between 11 and a half stone and 12 and a half stone) although according to the charts that would probably still have me as overweight.  Obviously however those charts are unrealistic when in actual use and as a full time wheelchair user I could potentially seriously increase my pressure sore risk (already high is) if I was much skinnier than that.  Bony bits need padding when you sit on them all the time!  But that works out as somewhere between another 75lb and 89lb left to lose.

I did briefly blog about this on the day it happened – but in January I was wearing a size 26 from Evans.  I fitted into a 22 from there last week.

I have a lot to be pleased about it seems.

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