>Four months update

>I was just sat here wondering what to title this entry when I realised that today is exactly 4 months since I started losing weight this time.  The fact that I’ve stuck at this for four months and made real progress is amazing.  I think the last time I managed something like this was 2002/2003.

I’m up 1 and about a quarter pounds this week.  As I wrote last week however, I’d eaten very little for a few days before that weigh in as I’d been ill (nothing on one day as the 1 thing I ate didn’t stay down).  This week I’ve been eating normally And I have my period.  I’m not trying to justify myself and I don’t feel bad about it.  I’m well aware that a few times this week I probably didn’t make as good choices as I could have done.  But no one can expect to lose every week without fail – and I certainly don’t.

My period is another something I’m pleased about because once my weight got up really high I started having loads of problems with it.  Whilst I don’t have a proper PCOS diagnosis my GP is sure I do have polycystic ovaries.  Whether I have the syndrome to go with it is unknown but I do have a lot of other things going on like depression which would tie in with it. She was thinking that losing weight would help with that.   I’d not had a period since the end of March and before that it had been crazy too, skipping months and coming twice in January etc.  I’m not saying that I think losing this much weight has been the cure for the whole thing but it does make me see that I’m definitely getting healthier.  And hopefully in a few more months I’ll have lost more weight and can get back to a more regular cycle which would probably make me feel better in a lot of ways.

I’ve now passed 50 days without Coke or Chocolate.  I was telling someone about that yesterday and she was horrified to hear how much coke I was drinking each day before, wondering what that must have been doing to my insides.  Which is totally a fair comment.  I do feel a lot better for it.

And the other week I had to adjust my lifejacket because the straps were much too loose!

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