>The Summer Reading Challenge

>I think today is probably going to be a day of multiple blog updates because I already had a lot to say.  But I can’t resist sharing this.

[image description: a blue and white stripped deck chair with a copy of Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol in it.  Above that the words The Summer Reading Challenge are written in an arc (split in two lines with challenge on the second).  Plain font, dark blue.  The background is white]
And I don’t actually have to read a Dan Brown book to do it.  Which is good I think.  Never read any Dan Brown and they might surprise me but I’ve never really wanted to.  That might be a mistake but there are so many books out there I don’t have time to read all the ones I really want to!  What do people think of Dan Brown?  Am I missing out?
Anyway I now have to figure out which four of the books I do want!  It’s difficult because I’ve been googling some of the ones I’ve not heard of and so far I’ve thought I want them all.  Which is ok because I’ve only looked at 4 of them so I could just say that’s what I’ll have and not look at the others.  But I should look at the rest because what if I find one I’d prefer.  Still, it’s a nice way to spend a morning!

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