>101 in 100 – Item 48…


Get better control of emotional/bored eating

…has been completed!

This one is maybe a little bit iffy.  But I had a terrible week last week.  And I still managed to avoid all chocolate and coke and didn’t binge on anything else either.  So I feel I can tick it off although I must admit to being a little concerned that once I start allowing myself occasional chocolate and coke again I might slip back into old habits.

Wednesday, I got some malware on my computer and it went really screwy.  I sorted it out but it took until I e-mailed my cousin for me to get it 100% better.  Later the same day the one grab rail in my bathroom I can’t manage the loo without broke.  That got sorted the same day but it was a little stressful!  Especially as it broke just as I was about to go to the loo.  The bit that held it on the wall was made of plastic and the screws stayed in the wall but that snapped.  Thankfully the new one is made of plastic coated metal so should be much more secure.

Thursday I did a loop of town.  Went to the library, picked up my prescriptions and went to the supermarket.  Then on the way home my chair died a death in the middle of the supermarket car park. Luckily I was on the path at the time and vaguely in some shade.

Some passersby tried to help me but couldn’t get my chair into free wheel and there wasn’t anything obviously wrong like something jammed in a wheel to see why I was stopped (I was being jolted quite badly and despite trying to drive forward or backward it was sending me in circles).  Several lots of passersby stopped, even when I managed to get hold of my mum (she was out when I first tried her and everyone else was at work) and she was down with me.

Mum had a good look at it too and still couldn’t see anything but after a bit of a fight with it she did get it to go into free wheel – I don’t think I’ve ever had it in it before so I suspect it was probably just stiff.  I called for a wheelchair accessible taxi to get me home but there weren’t any available for over an hour. Tried to call the engineer but no answer.

Eventually Mum went into the supermarket and arranged with them to leave my chair there, which I believe they weren’t very happy about but did agree to.  They also have a manual in there for customer use and she used that to get me to her car.  Strangely there were no footplates for that chair as they’d been stolen!  I thought that was a bit bizarre.

I managed to get hold of the engineer not long after we left to come home and he picked it up later that day.  It needs to go back to be properly fixed but they’ve got it working for now and it’s safe to use – the gear box went I think he said.  Well, I’m sure that’s what he said but I didn’t realise powerchairs had those.  Wheelchair repairs are not cheap though!

Friday I didn’t go out at all because I didn’t have my powerchair and it was so hot.  A good friend popped round and bought McDonalds for lunch.  That was fun to see her and we sat outside.  I really didn’t enjoy the McDonalds as much as I thought I would though. Which is a good thing I guess as it’s not great for my diet but nice as an occasional treat.

Saturday I picked up my powerchair mid afternoon and drove that home.

I must admit that Saturday night I got hit by a bit of an attack of the “being disabled is hard” blues that come very occasionally too me.  Not surprising considering I’d had two disability crises in the days before, but not easy to deal with.  I’m feeling a bit better now but I was a bit fed up yesterday still.  That’s another reason why I’m ticking this goal off as done because it’s another time when I would have eaten to feel better – and I didn’t.

I’ve lost just under 2lb this week.  Which gets rid of the 1 and a bit I gained last week and puts me half a pound lower than I was the week before.  So I’m moving forward again.  I’m feeling pleased about that

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