>Woop Woop!!

>I’m up half a pound this week.  I’m not 100% convinced it’s real weight gain but I’m fine with it either way.  I completely forgot to weigh first thing this morning which means that I’d had a big glass of squash by the time I did.  Plus usually I weigh when I’m dressed which I did this week as well but last week I weighed naked before I got in the shower.

What else?  I continue to be off Coke and Chocolate – Saturday will be ten whole weeks without either.  I am indifferent about whether or not (or when) I will go back to having them very occasionally.  I’m definitely not going back to the way I was having loads of both daily before but I’m not 100% sure I can do occasionally without slipping back to all the bloody time again.

And I spent Saturday up at the sailing club with some friends.  Whilst one of them was taking part in some racing me and A went for two walks around the reservoir.  We went back and had lunch with N in between.  In total we walked two and a half miles.  And I pushed my wheelchair the entire time without help!  Woop Woop!!  I had forgotten how much I missed doing that.

Saw the practice nurse last Thursday about my weight as I do about every six weeks or so.  It was all very positive but she told me I need to realise more how well I’ve been doing and be more positive.  Which is probably true but isn’t very easy.

Am having blood tests tomorrow to check my hormone levels.  Periods have gone really screwy again (still) to such an extent that it lasted 16 days.  I think we might have reached the end of the see what losing weight does to it round.  But we shall see.

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