>Hindsight is always 20 – 20


Image description: Badge which says Healthy You Challenge 20 pounds gone! It has a star in the background with the text over it and underneath is a red stripe with scalejunkie.com written on it in white. Colours used: red, brown, light blue.

Down 3lb from last Tuesday which means I have now lost a total of 20lbs since 22nd February this year!!  I’m so pleased!!  If I’d known how good this would feel I probably would have gotten started sooner.  But I’m not beating myself up because I know that a lot of this is happening and happening so easily because I’m doing it at the right time and I’m determined.  Hindsight, and all that.

It’s late and I want to go to bed (I’m aiming for before midnight every day this week) so just two points quickly

I am still off of all coke and chocolate.
I went swimming yesterday and used Just Dance for a workout this evening.  I hope to continue daily exercise this week.

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