>Well, I never would have guessed!!

>So I’m finally seeing the Dr tomorrow to get my blood test results and discuss what needs to be done about the whole screwy periods thing.  Apparently the bloods I had done last year didn’t show PCOS so now I’m really confused.  Hopefully this lot will show something useful.  I want answers.

Must admit I’m a bit nervous about it but I do realise that if my results had been totally worryingly bad I’d know by now most likely.  It doesn’t help that I’m not seeing my GP.  Have been trying to get an appt all month with her with no luck.  And have also been asking to see a female GP if not my one (more women then men at my surgery).  But no luck with that either.  Finally I gave in and said I would see any of the GPs and they fitted me in with one of the male ones, giving me a choice of two.  I’m not that bothered really, I’ve seen him before and I didn’t really take to him but he was nice enough.  It’s not even really the subject matter that bothers me I just figured if I did need to see someone I don’t know well then a woman might be easier.

It does make me mad though.  First I had to go through a ridiculous process to get an appt which will eventually have gone on their statistics as having been arranged within 48 hours of requesting it per their policy despite the fact I’d been trying to do it for two weeks and it was the 5th time I’d tried to do it.  And what about the right to request care from a female GP?

Anyway, I’ve just been googling various bits about it so I can be prepared with questions I need to ask etc.  One of the things I wanted to check was contraindications for the Pill because I know I can’t take it and I don’t want to.  But it is one of the usual treatments for this sort of problem so I wanted to be clear on it.

The very first thing on the webpage I read was “Not to be taken by pregnant women”

Yeah, I never would have guessed that!!

Did make me giggle though 😉

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