>The Quantum Thief by Hannu Rajaniemi

>I was asked to review this book for WHSmith.  I found it quite hard going and didn’t manage to finish it which I’m a bit disappointed about.  This is the first of the books I’ve had to review that I didn’t finish.  I would be interested to hear what people think about the disability aspect I mention below.

My review:

This book has a really interesting premise and I was looking forward to reading it.  Unfortunately I didn’t find that it lived up to that and as such wasn’t able to finish reading it.

It is well written and several of the plot strands are very interesting and draw you in.  However they switch between them very suddenly and I found that I kept getting lost and confused by what was happening.

I also found the use of “combat autism” that one of the characters turns on and off at will to be inappropriate. The idea works well in the story but calling it “autism” isn’t right and perpetuates a bit of a of a negative stereotype about disability and autism in particular.

Having said all this, I do think this book is worth the attempt at reading, it just wasn’t the right books for me. I would however be interested to read more by Hannu Rajaniemi, as it is clear he has talent.

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