>101 in 1001 – Item 34…


Spend one day a month away from the computer for a year

…has been completed!

In a lot of ways I have enjoyed this one.  Being away from the computer makes for a lovely break.  Sure, I love the internet and computers for a lot of things.  And my life would be harder in several ways without it.  The computer and specifically the Internet are huge huge time sucks for me and not always a good thing.  So a forced break from everything once a month has been a very good thing.  I will still try to do this but I’m not sure at the moment if I want to keep it at once a month or not.  Maybe that will be my aim but not as strict as I have been.

I won’t list everything I’ve done on my computer free days, mostly because I haven’t kept a list and I don’t think I can remember!  But the first day was last July when I went to see We Will Rock You in Birmingham with two uni friends (the first time, thought I’d better specify that seeing as how I went back in September with two different uni friends).  And the last was Wednesday just gone when I went to London, to the Tate Modern with mum.  Not all of the days have been days out, some have just been ordinary at home doing errands type days, it’s been a real mixture.

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