>101 in 1001 – Item 31…


Take meds everyday for six months

…has been completed!

Not much to say about this one, it’s pretty self explanatory.

On my previous 101 in 1001 list I did take meds every day for six weeks.  I started that one on 1st January 2007 and actually carried it on and didn’t miss a single dose of medication in 2007.  I didn’t do such a great job of keeping it up beyond the one year mark however and I wanted to set this goal to get me back into such a good habit of meds taking again.  Obviously I’m not going to stop taking them now I’ve hit that goal.  I hope to keep it up and hit the one year mark again.

As this is a short entry here’s some 101 in 1001 stats.

Of the 101 goals

  • Approx 28 have been completed
  • I have failed with three goals
  • 4 or so are in progress right now (I think that number might actually be higher but I have 3 – 4 ones I’m definitely working on now)
  • There are three goals on the list which are “end of the 1001 days” goals
Not bad considering there’s more than a year left to go!

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