>Lovely Day Writing Update

>What a lovely day!

I’m working my way though a writing to do list (which includes updating this blog) but I never thought I’d be able to sit outside with my netbook and work on it today.  Such a great surprise!  It does make me wish that I’d realised how warm it is early though.

What else am I working on with my writing?

I started planning my NaNoWriMo novel for this year.  I have two ideas at the moment.  Unfortunately however they wouldn’t work as a combined story.  I am beginning to think the more definite idea I have is probably a long short story and not a novel  though.  The other idea is a lot vaguer but   has the potential to bring a lot of mayhem and madness and a huge variety of characters, all of which could prove very useful in a NaNo novel.

I’m keeping a notebook of stuff that I carry round with me.  It has what I’m spending (am keeping track this month), things I need to remember or to do and writing ideas in it.  Several writing ideas and a couple of pages on both of my NaNo ideas. One of the others is an idea for a Chalet School fanfic.  Which is my first fanfic in years.  I started writing it yesterday and I’m enjoying it but I appear to have made a mistake in my facts so it will probably have to be an AU. Not a major one though.

And I’ve got two articles, a short story, a poem and another fanfic (for a different fandom) on my to do list as well.  So I’m busy busy but I’m enjoying it.

If this week isn’t the last week of sailing (and I suspect it will be) the week after will be.  I’ll miss sailing and more importantly miss the people over the winter.  But somehow with the way writing (and reviewing although I don’t have any planned right now) have been going lately I don’t think I’m going to have time to be bored.

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