>A Good Writing Day – With Links!

>Last week, Mike from Artist Inlet Press contacted me to ask if I would write something for that site.  His only request was that I should write about something I’m passionate about.

I’ve been trying to do lots of writing and make progress with it over the last few weeks so I jumped at the chance to write that piece.  It’s not a site I’d been to before but I’ve been reading some of it since then and it’s got some very well written, lovely essays on there.  I’m pleased to have been asked to contribute and know that more people are seeing my writing.  I’ve been working on that today and as I wrote about sailing, really enjoying it.

Sail Away is now posted over at Artist Inlet Press.  I would welcome your feedback on it.

In terms of other writing, I also posted Don’t Cut Us Out about a Scope campaign over on the Disability Voices blog yesterday.  If you live in the UK, please consider taking part in that campaign, it doesn’t take a few minutes to do so.

Scope sent me a tweet saying they love the Disability Voices blog and telling me they follow my blog.  Then they did a Follow Friday of “some great disability related bloggers” and included me in that list.  I was incredibly flattered and pleased by that.

Finally I’ve set up pages on the sidebar which have links to all my guest blogs and articles which are online and also to my book reviews.

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