>Bit of a Link Fest

>I’ve been working on guest posts for a few different sites this past week.  I have links to three of them to share.

I Love To Laugh over at DisCo: Disability Conversations.  That’s one of my regular guest blogging places and it’s about crip humour and a funny moment at last week’s creative writing class.

A while ago I was looking for books with disabled characters.  One of the books which got mentioned several times was Gridlock by Ben Elton so I got it from the library.  Then, Sarah who runs Same Difference mentioned that she was looking for reviews of books with disabled characters so I wrote a review of it and sent it to her.  You can read it at A Review of Ben Elton’s Gridlock

Nadine Dorries is a trending topic on twitter today following some ridiculous comments she made.  I’ve written a response on Disability Voices – Twitter, Disabled People and Benefit Fraud?  As an interesting side note, I tweeted the link to that 15 mins ago and it’s already been retweeted 10 times, the most any one tweet of mine has.

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