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>I haven’t updated about my attempts at weight loss for a couple of weeks so I’ll start with that and then see how much further I get before my desire to be in bed relatively soon wins.

Last week my mum was away so I weighed by myself.  I struggled a lot to balance on the scales and suspect the same would have been true even if she were here.  I gave up on Tuesday after 5 attempts which all ended up with ridiculously different weights.  Wednesday I tried again and managed better.  I was 17st 2lb which was 1.5lb up.

Today my mum was back and I was 17st 3lb so up another 1lb.  My balance was pretty good today.  I always stand on the scales three times because of poor balance, needing to hold a grab rail to get on the scales etc and wanting to be sure it’s right and every single time it said the same weight which is the first time it’s done that in a long time.

I think it’s definitely got to be said that I’m plateauing.  Which is fine in a way but only as long as it goes no further then I have now.  I am getting sick of this constant back and forth I’ve been doing for the last few weeks so I’ve decided to take it right back to basics this week.  Hopefully that will get things moving again.  I’d started thinking of drinking mostly water as being boring again but starting today I’m drinking that more than anything else and I must say I’d forgotten how nice that can be.

My writing continues to go well as my last update shows (I think!).  When my creative writing restarted a few weeks ago (this week will be week 4) we had to give a short term and a long term writing goal.  Short term was for the length of the course and long term the next year or so.  We told those to the person next to us and they introduced us to the class.  I can’t remember my long term goal and the person I was sat next to wasn’t there last week to ask.  But my short term goal was to get an article published.  It was a pretty amazing feeling sat there last Thursday realising that it was only week three and I’d already achieved that goal.  I absolutely cannot wait for the magazine to come out and to see it.

I’m reading a library book at the moment and then the next one I’ve got is one I was sent to review.  It’s an advance reader copy of a new paranormal romance which is coming out in November I think.  That will be something very different for me, paranormal romance is a genre I’ve avoided ever since I tried to read Twilight (which I hated and gave up on after two chapters).  It’s very much not something I would have chosen for myself but I’ll give it a go – after all I have been trying to broaden my horizons over the last few months (some what unsuccessfully it feels like).

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