>I Saw A Mouse! Where?

>Yesterday it was arranged that early this morning someone would be popping round for a few minutes to grab something.

I let them in, getting out of bed only when I heard the doorbell and then went to the loo after letting them in.  They wandered into my lounge.

The next thing I hear is them screaming “oh my god oh my god ARGH”

They thought they’d seen a mouse running across the middle of my lounge. At just before 8 in the morning.  It’s safe to say they were freaked out.

I was a bit ARGH about the idea of a mouse in my flat but didn’t have time to get out of the bathroom before they calmed down and reported that it wasn’t a mouse.

It was a very small amount of yarn. They’d knocked it with their foot and it had rolled across the room.

They explained why they thought it was a mouse running across the room and said “you can see why I thought that.” then looked at me and realised I couldn’t.  Then got what they came for and went off.

And I went back to bed.

That’s not what I expected to happen.  But it made for an interesting start to the day!  Nevertheless I hope not to start my day like that again.

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