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>Today my goal is to spend most of the day writing.  I’m planning to participate in the Introverted Words 7K All Day event.  And I thought I would live blog my progress as I go.

12:30 I spent the first hour or so after I was up making phone calls and checking e-mails and looking at cinema times.  I’ve just finished my first piece of writing for the day which was a book review.  It’s in the blog entry below this one.  Word count for that is 417, total word count so far today is also 417.

15:29 I took a long break and went into town. Where I got snowed on a little (although it didn’t last long and didn’t settle) and absolutely bitterly cold but I did manage to get what I needed done.  Then I had lunch when I got back.  I’ve just finished another spell of writing and I did 1024 words in about 20 minutes.  That was on a supposed short story which I now suspect is going to be a lot longer than what I normally consider short stories. But we shall see.  Total word cound so far today is 1,441 words.

17:53 Writing isn’t going very well today, in fact it’s going very very slowly.  I don’t have much in the way of motivation although I do have lots of ideas.  To be honest I’ve been feeling a bit down in general this week and particularly depressed today.  I’m not sure why.  I did decide the other day that I’m no longer aiming for 50K on NaNo and I think that was definitely the right decision as it takes a lot of pressure off.  Some of my friends won’t be very happy about that I’m sure but to be honest, if thats how they feels then they don’t know me very well.  I’ve written a couple of hundred more words and I created a character who is really nasty and everyone hates. And named them after someone who really pissed me off and upset me a couple of weeks ago. The scene I’m writing now is someone having a massive go at them.  It’s really very therapeutic even if it is words I can probably never show anyone.  That’s 436 words, total so far today 1877 words

19:42 I just did a five minute writing sprint and wrote 342 words. Total for today is now 2205

21:57 just spent the two hours just gone watching tv and writing on my netbook during the breaks.  I wrote 1746 words druing that time (and the tv was good). Total for today is now 3951 words. 7K might be more realistic than it was looking but I’m not sure at the moment.

23:51 Another five minute sprint 376 words written. Plan is one more long sprint and then bed, I think. 4327 words so far.

00:59 Those last several words have not been easy to come by and I didn’t manage one long sprint.  If I had done I would probably have reached the 7K target but I’m really not bothered about that.

I have 5,936 words for the day (including the ones in this liveblog) and I am done. Not as successful as I would have liked (I’d hoped to better my word count from the previous 7K day) but any words are good words and there is definitely potential in a lot of them.

Liveblogging the day has made me keep a much closer eye on my progress than last week and I’ve written more often than I might otherwise if not for that motivation – as motivation is sadly lacking today. I think that’s a common end of November writers burn out thing for me though.

It’s nearly 1 am and I’m headed to bed now. I plan to blog, hopefully tomorrow, about what I’ve learned from doing these days and why I think I stuggled more with today than I did last week. If I did it now I doubt that it would make very much sense.

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