>101 in 1001 – Item 72…


create/buy notecards with some of my photos

…has been completed!

I’ve played around with doing this a few times but I could never get the image right, or decide which one I wanted to use or something.

But I finally got them ordered last week and they came this week.  In fact I even sent one to my friend the day after I got them.  In true Emma fashion however when it comes to these cards, what I got wasn’t what I thought I had ordered.

I thought I’d ordered proper notecards.  They were to have a photo of the sunset I took out at sea on one of my JST voyages and on the back I typed “sunset at sea, emma crees” no capitals, i thought it looked artistic.  The inside was to be blank.  This is the photo I used, it was the second one I choose

Turns out, I ordered postcards. With envelopes.

 They are gorgeous and I really like them, but I can’t figure out where I went wrong.  It’s slightly annoying but no big deal.  And at least I set the type to be right at the top and not in the middle.  I can write a decent note on them anyway, just not the long one I might have otherwise done!

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