>2011 Begins

>I could probably spend a long time here writing about all I want to do and all I hope to do in 2011.  And there are a lot of things I would like to do or that I really really want to do or I otherwise expect 2011 to bring.  I’ve seen a lot of review of 2010 blog entries and lists of New Years Resolutions.  All very interesting and I enjoyed reading them.  I like doing the review entries and I think before I’ve posted resolutions.  I just don’t think I will this year.

Regardless of whether you call it “Two Thousand and Eleven” or “Twenty Eleven” (personally I’m not overly sold on “Twenty Eleven but I’m sure it’ll grow on me, the year is less than a day old after all) I’m not sure that hopes, dreams and New Years resolutions really matter.

I could sit here and type out everything and anything to do with them.  But it’s not the making of lists or the planning that matters.  What actually matters isn’t having goals or achieving goals.  It’s about trying to do things.  It’s about making progress.  And most of all it’s about living.  I was already thinking about that to a certain extent but then a couple of things I read yesterday and a conversation I had reminded me of it and made me think it even more.

Big change and big moments can happen.  I’d love if they did.  But I don’t need to plan big to make that happen. I just need to take a step and start moving.  Because the thing I want most in 2011?  To know that I tried to make the most of it and to make it mine.

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