>All Sorts of Awesome

>I’ve been working over the last few days at promoting One Month Before Heartbreak.  Yesterday I was disappointed because someone who had asked what they could do to help refused to do so.  Today, not so much.

This morning I got a text from Sair telling me that Month Before Heartbreak was in the top ten UK Twitter trending topics.  Yes, my small project “What if we did this.” was a UK trending topic on Twitter

[screenshot of trending topics including One Month Before Heartbreak (without the one though)]
I’m loving that we trended the same time as Macaulay Culkin – it’s probably the only time I’ll see a celeb I’ve heard of trending on twitter without thinking “crap did they die?!”
Then I went out to lunch with a friend and her son.  Which was a lot of fun. And came home to discover that we’d been mentioned on the Guardian website as a part of Society Guardian.
It’s pretty unbelievable that my “small idea” is getting so far reaching.  I’d just hoped to get a few people writing and a few more reading. I’m astounded at all this.  It really is all sorts of awesome.
I am so excited by all of this and to see what else we can achieve with One Month Before Heartbreak and there’s still ten days to go.
Thank you so much to everyone who has tweeted and blogged about this – I didn’t make this splash all by myself.
Edited: Oh yeah and the third awesome thing is from yesterday or the day before but… I sent a post to Cheryl for her to put on her blog about One Month Before Heartbreak.  And discovered that she has an Emma Crees category on her blog.  I have my own category on someone else’s blog (with three entries in it!).  Not sure that belongs in this entry but what the hell.

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