>A Few One Month Before Heartbreak Links

>I am very tired and need to go rest (waiting for my dinner to finish cooking and my mum to pop round or I’d already be in bed with a book or in a heap in front of the TV).  But I just wanted to highlight how amazing One Month Before Heartbreak has been.  I’m completely and utterly blown away by what we’ve done and the support we’ve had.  If you google “One Month Before Heartbreak” you get more than 13 thousand results.  13 THOUSAND.  that’s seriously mind boggling.

I’ve not had time to share very many links or to do more than skim the posts that I’ve been scheduling to the blog.  I know that Bendy Girl is also exhausted but pleased.  We aren’t stopping, we’ll continue as long as we have submissions so please keep them coming!

I thought that I might highlight a few links that have caught my eye.  I’ll probably do this every day for the next few days as I go through and read and digest.

You Will Never Take Away My Shoes

Loved this post!  It reminded me of the “I will wear purple” poem

The Best Thing DLA Allows Me To Do

As a former RDA member myself (I went for 14 or 15 years and only stopped when I went to uni) I was nodding along as I read and smiling as it brought back memories.

Take Two

Heather and I are blog friends.  Reading this post gave me new insight into her and her family.  I hadn’t realised how long she’d been dealing with DLA etc.

Why I Keep Trying.

Totally blown away by this post.  I didn’t expect the level of support we got from non disabled people.  Hoped for it but never really expected as much as we had.

Disability cuts don’t affect me

Love the honesty in this post and even though we are in very different situations I could relate to a lot of it.

I will post more links tomorrow, my concentration is shot from all the  work I’ve done this weekend and I can’t give the contributions the attention they deserve

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