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(I’ve just posted the majority of this on the One Month Before Heartbreak blog but there is some extra more me related stuff at the bottom here)

Today has been amazing for support for One Month Before Heartbreak.

Sue Marsh (Diary of a Benefit Scrounger) wrote a piece for The Guardian which appeared in Comment is Free.  We’ve been mentioned by The Guardian several times but getting a piece in Comment is Free is huge.  Amplify the eloquent voices of the disabled protesters is Sue’s piece and it’s really good.  It contains many links to specific posts on the One Month Before Heartbreak blog.  Also that article has received well over a hundred comments and although I’ve not read them all there has been some good discussion and support there.
Kaliya Franklin (known by most people as Bendy Girl from Benefit Scounging Scum) was just on Talk Radio Europe talking about One Month Before Heartbreak, The Broken of Britain and the DLA cuts.  I listened to that interview and she did a very good job of getting our points and concerns across.  Talk Radio Europe have promised us their ongoing support for which we thank them!
The petition to end DLA reform continues to gain signatures..
Most importantly, the National Assembley for Wales has stepped up to oppose DLA reform

Oh, and the new Broken of Britain logo and twibbon were revealed

There are a couple of other “in the pipeline” things which maybe happening but it can definitely be said that it’s been a good day for The Broken of Britain / One Month Before Heartbreak teams.

I’ve not personally updated about me myself and I for some time.  I’m doing well!  My attempts at weight loss are well and truly stalled and in fact my weight is up a lot which isn’t good.  And I’ve not been fitting in any exercise.  Both are things I hope to get back to next week.

I’m very tired as a result of running on adrenaline for most of the weekend.  I’ve also been very anxious today and spent part of the day feeling nauseous.  I think that might be coming down from the adrenaline of doing so much over the weekend.    The rest of this week and next week I’ll be taking it as easy as possible for the simple reason that I have to.  The sheer number of silly mistakes (e-mailing a woman and calling her Jim because I misread her name as that?? She thought it funny but so embarrassing for me) I’ve made and the level of spasticity in my legs makes that very clear.  And that’s with trying to do what I could for this from my bed!

I’ve completely lost my train of thought.  Too tired to continue.  More tomorrow!

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