>I’m an accessory in The Great Transworld Crime Caper!

>Transworld are currently running A Crime Caper.  They will give you three crime books of your choice (from a set list) for free and all you have to do is read them, hopefully enjoy them and then review them (either on your blog or on amazon).  As soon as you finish one, let them know and they’ll send you the next.  More information on Transworld’s Crime Caper is on their blog.  I believe they are still accepting entrants, just comment on that linked blog entry.

(image description) it says “The Great Transworld Crime Caper” The T in transworld is bigger and blue, the rest of the text is black.  There is a magnifying glass over the T, yellow “crime scene do not cross” tape across the entire logo and a gun with blood splatters in the top right of the image.

I really enjoyed taking part in Transworld Summer Reading Challenge and I’m looking forward to getting back into reading crime fiction

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