>Things that have…

>Annoyed me lately (a like incomplete list)

Burning my tongue on hot lasagne at the CAB social last night. Oww it’s still kinda sore now

Driving my powerchair into a lamppost earlier today.  I’m fine.  So is my chair.  But seriously, WTF?! I never do that!

People who put a capital A in the words disabled, disability, disablism etc.  So very annoying and patronising.  I’m disabled, it is what is is and lets not pretend otherwise or try to put an unnecessary PC twist on it.

Likewise, those who use the terms, “different abled” or “less able”  I’ve never heard anyone outside of Glee use the term “handi-capable” or otherwise that would be on there as well.

People telling me they feel for me.

Or calling me a “good girl”

Being asked why I’m in a wheelchair and the person not getting why I made a joke as opposed to answering (I said “because it’s fun.” They said “I’m sorry?” and I repeated it then they stared at me blankly before I said I have CP.)

The question/suggestion that exercise might help my disability.

Getting up in a panic because I slept in when I thought I’d need to sign for a parcel.  Then having it arrive an hour later and just put through my door with no signature.

The fact that assisted travel are saying that yes my travel went wrong but wasn’t bad enough for me to be entitled to the automatic compensation.

And most especially the fact that they didn’t apologise either in the letter.

been enjoyable lately

The fact that the assisted travel major fuck up happened on a trip to meet a researcher to discuss what it’s like to be disabled and travel by train!  The guys at my home station were killing themselves laughing when I got back and told them that.

A member of staff at Center Parcs pushing me up the most ridiculously hill whilst running(!) and us overtaking my friends whilst doing so.  He then commented that he wasn’t very fit.  If that wasn’t very fit I want to know what is!!

One of mine and Bendy Girl’s trademark very long chats this afternoon – our longest yet I think (this time on Skype)

The CAB social last night

Yummy chicken wings and lasagne at the social.  I consider lasagne something I like but am not overly keen on and it was gorgeous – a nice surprise.

Losing 4 and a half pounds after one week without coke and chocolate

A new Star Trek book to read – especially as its a Next Generation one.

Cranberry and Raspberry squash.  Although I might have been drinking a little bit too much of it over the weekend.

The Apprentice USA – for some reason it cracks me up.

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