>My powerchair was picked up this morning to be taken to the workshop.  They’re going to take it to pieces and try and work out what’s going on.  Something was mentioned this morning about hooking it up to a computer or some such but I don’t know anything about that.  I don’t know how long it’ll be gone because it depends if it needs parts (which we think it probably will) and I’ve also asked them to replace the tyres while they have it.  Even more expense but better to do it all in one hit.

One of my favourite films as a child was Short Circuit.  There’s a totally ace scene it in where Johnny Five realises that disassemble means dead and gets really worked up yelling “no disassemble Johnny Five!”  I tried to find a You Tube clip but couldn’t.  And last week I used the word “dissemble” in an e-mail to describe what they plan to do to my chair.

The guy who picked my chair up this morning said it would probably be tomorrow before they start to look at it.

I’ve got this vision of my chair in a workshop by itself quaking going “disassemble… dead… disassemble… dead. NO DISASSEMBLE Jazzy 1121!!”

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