>An Explanation for my Absence

>For the past few weeks I’ve been really struggling with my depression.  Partially I think because I’ve not been getting out and doing stuff as much as I usually would for various reasons.  Thursday was a particularly bad day although I did get out for coffee with a friend (although not coffee as I don’t drink that or tea).  I’ve been finding that I can get out and do stuff, make it to appointments and the like but the energy and motivation to do stuff at home has been severely lacking and lots of things have slipped – like this blog.

So on Thursday I came to a decision and made plans to meet up with a friend on Friday.  We met in Oxford and had a wander round the Ashmolean which was really good fun.  Managed to see bits of it I didn’t see last time but I still don’t think I’ve seen all of it by a long shot.  I went slightly early and managed to get a couple of small errands done too.  I did feel better for that.  I also came to the realisation that if things didn’t improve soon I’d need to go to the doctors.

Saturday the same friend came round and we sat and chatted for ages and then went to the cinema to see Pirates of the Carribean – my CEA card making it much more affordable and doable.  That was my first ever Pirates film and I have to say I liked it although everyone tells the rest are better.  I have two offers of a borrow of the DVDs so we’ll have to see who gets to me first and then I can pass judgement.  I got some washing done before she came which was the first washing I’d done in a couple of weeks.

Today too I have felt a little brighter than previously although I do plan to go to the doctors.  I attempted to make an appt today but due to the way the system works that wasn’t possible.  It’s looking like I might end up going on Friday but I’m not sure yet.

And as some of you may have seen on Twitter, yesterday was a rubbish day for various other reasons.

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