>In Short

>Since probably September last year I’ve been a bit stuck with my weight loss before that I was on a pretty steady downward trend.  Up a few pounds. Down a few pounds.  Up a few more, down a few more.  I think the correct term is Yo Yoing.  But the one thing that’s kept me going and that I’ve been really proud of is that once I got below the 18 stone mark I never went back above it.  My visit to the 16 stone area was very fleeting, 17 stone and I were getting to know each other better than I would have liked but 18 stone and I had broken up for good.

Until today.
I weighed 18 stone 1lb this morning.
And… I finished antibiotics for my UTI on Saturday.  Only to have a sore on my leg I was keeping my eye on go really manky.  I went to the nurse and she assures me it’s not a pressure, it’s not going to turn into a pressure sore and it’s not on a pressure area.  But it is infected.  So that was me straight back on antibiotics for another week.  On top of the prophylactic ones I’m taking for a UTI.  Add in the fact that I feel like I’ve either suddenly developed hayfever or I’m getting a cold and it can safely be said I’m very run down.
Things have got to change

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