>Brief check in

>I’ve got lots going on and lots to think about and I’m feeling rather frazzled just thinking about how busy next week looks like it’s going to be.  I’m fine but I don’t want to blog about all the stuff I have to think about at the moment (mostly because of one person who might be reading this).  I’ll be back tomorrow with more of an update but for now a few bits:

I liked the new Torchwood but thought it wasn’t dark or sexy enough.  I think I probably need to rewatch Children of Earth however because I felt a bit like I’d missed something…  It’s certainly a very interesting premise and I just hope spacing it over 10 episodes isn’t going to make it drag at all.

And I absolutely loved Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows part 2.  There was a second showing about 40 mins after we came out.  I gave serious consideration to go to grab my prescription as planned then getting a sandwich and going back for a second viewing but I didn’t.

I’m on google+ if anyone wants to add me.  Emma Crees.

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