>An Autumn Crush by Milly Johnson

>Simon and Schuster sent me a pre-release copy of An Autumn Crush by Milly Johnson to review. It’s being released on 29th September and will be available as both a book and an ebook.

Here’s what Amazon has to say about it:

After a bruising divorce, headstrong Juliet Miller invests in a flat and advertises for a flatmate, little believing that in her mid-thirties she’ll find anyone suitable. But along comes self-employed copywriter Floz, raw from her own relationship split, and the two woman hit it off. When Juliet’s twin brother Guy meets Floz, he is overcome with a massive crush. But being a shy, gentle giant, he communicates so clumsily with her as to give her the opposite impression. Guy’s best friend Steve has always had a secret, unrequited crush on Juliet. After a night of too much wine, Steve and Juliet end up in bed, after moaning about the lack of sex in their lives. Convinced that Juliet doesn’t feel the same way, Steve agrees to a ‘just-sex’ relationship, until they can both hook their dream partners. Just when Guy has finally plucked up the courage to tell Floz how he feels, he finds she has rekindled an old romance. Floz has never had much love in her life and is obviously thirsty for affection. She loves the whole Miller family, from Juliet and Guy’s warm, loving parents, to their ancient one-eyed black cat. But can Guy turn Floz’s affection for his family into something more – into love for him? Then Juliet makes a series of discoveries which will turn the lives of all four friends upside-down and turns that Autumn into a season where love can be harvested.

I have just spent a very enjoyable afternoon reading this. This was the perfect book to spend a dreary September afternoon snuggled under the duvet reading. The sound of the pouring rain providing a backdrop and adding to the atmosphere.
This book is definitely worth looking out for.

I must admit when I selected this off my shelf last night I was looking for pure unadulterated escapism. The sort that only chick lit can provide. This book did provide the perfect escape but it was more than that. The plot follows the same basic premise of single girl looking for romance that most chick lit does. But it takes it further. It has twists you don’t expect and even when I knew a secret was about to be revealed I couldn’t figure it out.

A couple of unusual topics are covered but this is done sensitively and very well. A theme of friendship pervades the entire book, showcasing that these characters are friends before they are anything else. I really liked that, particularly the friendship between Guy and Steve neither of whom are the stereotypical flawless male hero. These characters could easily be your friends.

A very lovely book.

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