>The final lot of finished goals for my second 101 in 1001 project

>I’ve blogged the majority of my 101 in 1001 achievements this time round.  These are the ones I’ve done but not blogged about.

40) Make more time for crafts

I’ve just started doing that in the past couple of weeks, mostly with knitting.  I am very much enjoying and hankering to get some other crafts out soon, probably scrapbooking.  But I must find some space first.  I need to work more on this but I’m calling it done.

41) Drink more water

That’s been done for a while, I generally drink a lot of water now.  It’s just boring to blog about!

49) Find out from mum exactly how much stuff she has of mine from pre uni, get it back and sort it out

Stalemate.  Whenever we’ve discussed this we’ve come to the point where I am convinced there is some of my stuff in my parents house but they don’t know where it is and think there can’t be.  We may never know for definite. Calling it done.

51) Have a go at weaving

I bought a cheapy childs weaving loom.  My attempts at weaving were a bit of a failure if I’m honest but I shall try again at some point.  I suspect half the problem is that lately all my craft time is in front of the tv or while listening to audiobooks/podcasts.  I need to concentrate on just it to start with me thinks.

53) Stop stressing about finances so much

I made a plan a few months ago and I’m slowly working my way through it.  It’s been delayed due to circumstances beyond my control (and which I really ought to chase) but I am worrying less, even if I could  still be managing a little better

55) At the end of the 1001 days donate £1 for every goal not met to charity

Realistically it wouldn’t be a great idea for me to make a big donation to charity right now.  But I donated a very large amount (the most I’ve ever done) to Bliss via my sister’s sponsorship for running the marathon earlier this year. So I’ll call that done but if I do find a spare tenner sometime soon I may well make a donation to LLTGL

56) at the end of the 1001 days treat myself to something special. Budget – the number of goals met x £2 each

OK so I’ve had it for a while and it cost way more than the budget set in this goal BUT I had this in mind when I bought my iPad in July.

79) Make more of an effort to recycle.

Yup. Doing that.  Thought I’d marked it off ages ago actually.

82) make more of an effort to actually walk

Slow progress on that one and more work needed but ever since I had the serial casting this summer I am trying to walk more

84) Lose some weight

Done but not very well.  I’m still a fair way down from my highest weight but a good chunk up from my most recent lowest weight (if that makes sense). A work in progress.

86) paint my nails more often

Yup. I quite often paint them now and I hardly ever used to (in recent years).  I have treated myself to several new ones in pretty colours and even have a spectacular green stain where I spilt the majority of a brand new bottle on the hall floor last week.  Plus, I am having loads of fun with the bottle of nail effects I bought a couple of weeks ago.

88) Write about my school days.

Another work in progress.  I’ve written quite a lot but I’ve not reached a point where I consider it finished or decided what I want to do with it (if anything) other than I don’t think I want to use it for this blog.  Harder than I expected.

98) Remember and mark people’s birthdays

I am doing much better at that and I have to say I like it.  Facebook is obviously a big help there but it’s not just that.

100) Research family history/genealogy

Made a start and found it really interesting.  Definitely want to do more but I think I need to find a bit more about the how to do it before trying again as I tied myself in knots a little and think I may have found the wrong person for my great grandfather.

101) on day 1001 publish a new 101 in 1001 list

Well, today is day 1001 and I’m putting the finishing touches to the new list.  It’ll be up tomorrow.

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