>Standing and related update

>Things seem like they are about to get very medical again.

I’m going back to the hospital next week – to be assessed for orthotics. I can’t say I’m looking forward to that especially because depending on what I end up with I will very likely end up needing carers to help me with them. And it’d more than likely be either first thing in the morning or a bed time visit if I get night splints (which I suspect may be more likely). That would be quite a tie unless I’m very lucky. I will have splints etc if they think they will help me but I really will have to do so in such a way that means my life isn’t negatively affected. In other words so that I still benefit but don’t lose me in the process.

I’ve also got an appointment to go to wheelchair services in late November. I’m really hoping that something good comes from that because I’ve been having a lot of very bad (at times excruciating) back pain lately which is thought to be related to my chair. Plus because of the curve in my spine (which may be spasticity related or could be scoliosis they don’t know although the end result is the same) I need a more specialist cushion than I have now.

The standing frame seems to be going really well. I’m almost all the way to the overall goal but I’m not always managing to do that level. It’s definitely easier now though and Dad said on Monday that he thinks my posture is a lot better now. Not bad for a little bit more than a month!

I’ve also been using my walker a tiny bit more and have been able to walk some longer distances. I need someone with me, have to take several breaks and aren’t fit for very much immediately afterwards but it’s still progress.

I’m quite interested to see if I’ve maintained the improvements I had from the serial casting. I doubt I’ve had any further progress but you do never know.

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