>Yet More You Know You’ve Got CP When…

>…something gets said to you and you’re frustrated but not at all surprised by it. When you tell a friend however, she IS shocked and says that it makes her despair of humanity.

…you get annoyed that someone else isn’t a wheelchair user because you’re having a ridiculous conversation in which you can’t make them understand your point. If they were a wheelchair user? It wouldn’t have even come up.

…you didn’t know who that woman who said “hi Emma how are you?” as you wheeled past was for a minute or so. Then it hits you. She’s a receptionist at the Doctors.

…your best friends include a former physio of yours and someone who was your carer.

…people don’t remember your name but when asked who they mean say “the girl in the wheelchair”

…you plan to take your wheelchair, your walker and a toilet surround when you visit your family. For the afternoon.

…your powerchair is a source of great amusement to drunken football fans at the train station who wonder what will happen if they grab the joystick and dare each other to do it (they didn’t try it)

…people who barely know you tell you off for taking back language and calling yourself a crip but at the same time have no problem using hate speech such as the R word when joking with friends.

…you get a phone call asking if you’d mind using the gents toilets when you go out as the ladies isn’t accessible. And although you don’t like it, you’ve done it before and you’ll do it again.

…you really enjoy writing blog entries like this!

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