>Welly Walks and Biscuit Baking by Hannah Ensor

>I decided to start the read-a-thon off with something super easy and read my friend Hannah Ensor’s new books which are released today.  I’m also going to pop up to her book launch a bit later and I’m looking forward to it.

Hannah is a writer and illustrator who uses her trademark stickman style to use humour to education about disability.  Her two newest books which come out today are Welly Walks and Biscuit Baking – stories aimed at children aged between 2 and 5.  Each includes a character in a wheelchair but at no point are the words “disabled”, “disability” or “wheelchair” mentioned in the stories. The wheelchair user just is.

These books are so much fun.  I liked them both but I think Biscuit Baking is my favourite.  I love the colour in them too, it really made the pictures pop.  Plus I am once again left in awe of how much life and character Hannah manages to get into simple stickmen characters.
I really recommend these books (and Hannah’s other books and products, her wheelchair signs are a particular favourite of mine). I know several people who’ve had kids this year and I want to buy these for them.  But as they are all pretty much still in the newborn stage I’ll have to hold off… for now.
£1 from the sale of each book goes to Whizz-Kids – as Hannah describes it:

Who help children enjoy fun and full childhoods, get the right wheelchairs for them at the right time, and learn the skills they need – all without pity or patronisation. With loads of input from the kidz themselves, it is run with humour, respect, positivity, professionalism and cheek. A charity after my own heart.

It’s also a cause that I too believe in.
Hannah’s blog is here and her website is here.  The books are available from available from the publisher 2QTWHSmiths,and other similar places. I have been told that Amazon is taking a long time to process orders.

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