>Brief Snapshots of Life

>I bought ink for my printer today and was given complimentary chocolate as a result. I find this bizarre but kinda cool. Unrelated to this, I have eaten entirely too much chocolate today.

Earlier today I had a call from a contractor about sorting out my garden. He was “in the area” and wanted to pop round. Apparently a 15 minute drive and a trip on the dual carriageway away is in the area. Who knew?! Anyway I was in the bureau so I said yes but after half one. Which was no good, he clearly meant RIGHT THEN. We settled on tomorrow but he couldn’t tell me a time just that he’d call first. Then he said depending on something or other he might come this afternoon (he didn’t) or, you know, possibly Friday. Given the sheer number of months and amount of chasing it’s taken to get this far I fully expect it to be at least March 2012 before he gets here to quote and possibly August that year before the work is done. If I’m lucky…

Speaking of the bureau, I am not advising/not in (a bit of both) for a couple of weeks. A good thing, I think. Hopefully a break from clients and all that related stuff will be good for me. It can get a little much at times and it’s not easy! Plus there’s the most people not realising we are volunteers aspect although that very rarely bothers me.

Checking my bank statement it would appear I have tickets to the majority of the Paralympic events I requested. Possibly all but two. Very exciting! And… Judging by the amount they didn’t take I’m wondering if I’ve tickets to both the opening and closing ceremonies. I’m desperately trying not to get my hopes up but I can’t get my head round where the £25 they didn’t take comes from (the amount they took was £25 less than the maximum) if one of the things I’ve not got is one of the ceremonies.

We went to see Sister Act The Musical on Saturday. It was totally different to the film but amazing. I really loved it! Plus when we got back to where my dad picks us up, Mum pointed out that that I’d wheeled all that way without needing to rest, reposition within my chair AND most importantly without getting breathless. So much yayness there.

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