>Life is busy

>I just wanted to post a quick blog as it feels like absolute ages since I did so.

The most important news I have is that I’m still alive. I feel it important to share this because earlier in the year one of my friends got a text from a mutual friend of ours asking if I’d died as she hadn’t heard from me. This amused me greatly not least because why didn’t she just call if she was worried?! And then Thursday I got a text containing a rumour that another friend (who had been out of contact most of the year after being ill) had died. But having been back in contact for a few weeks and heard from him that day I could clear that up. So yes confirming my continued existence seemed important.

I’m just incredibly busy with writing and everything else. There is much more to being ML than I anticipated and I don’t know if I’ll do it again but the writing is good. The process I mean, definitely not the words, I seem to be writing loads of rubbish with the occasion gem of a scene. And those are the bits that make it all worthwhile. As does making new friends.

Two random instagrams from the Write in today:

A lit candle in an empty bottle with wax dripping down the neck on a table with a bookcase full of books and a chair in the background.

A Sprite hanging low from the ceiling on thread. I think its metal. It rotated slowly as people moving past it disturbed it and with that and the shape / style / feel of it looked very elegant and almost like it was dancing. A slight hint of it’s shadow is on the wall behind it.

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