>A few writing thoughts

>I can’t remember if I shared this already but by the end of November I was still loving the writing but I was just done with the project I was working on. Totally bored of it. Talking to others who did NaNo that seemed to be pretty normal thing. I’d probably go as far as to say its an expected part of the nanowrimo process. But that said I don’t remember it being as hard in years gone by. I did have several instances of life kicking me in the teeth in other ways during the month though.

Two weeks later however I’m finding that I’m really missing the writing. I can go many months without doing a lot of writing but this year the habit seems to be sticking much more. I’m absolutely itching to do some real writing and I can’t wait to find another completely free day and dedicate it to my craft. Sadly that’s not likely to be very soon.

My writing is going to be my big thing in 2012 I think. Or at least I hope so.

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